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Measurably reduce the cost of clicks, leads, and customer acquisition while increasing your audience efficiency.

IDENTYO is designed exclusively for high-volume digital media agencies and buyers. Lower your workload while increasing effectiveness.
Less work. More money.

Segment & Optimize

Automatically segment and optimize your website visitors using consumer signaling and behavioral data.

Identify In-Market Prospects

Segmentation technology enables companies to identify in-market prospects and avoid spending ad dollars on people that are unlikely to convert.

Built for Agencies

We work exclusively with digital agencies to help lower the costs.

Lower Your Costs

Using IDENTYO Audiences helps lower the cost of clicks, leads and customer acquisition.

Fraud & Bot Protection

Real-time fraud and bot protection, protects your marketing budgets from bogus activity.

Use with Existing Campaigns

Easily integrate with your existing campaigns and optimize media faster and more efficiently.

Onboard New Customers in Under 60 Seconds

IDENTYO’s intuitive dashboard and onboarding system makes it quick and easy (seriously, under 60 seconds) to get up and running. 


IDENTYO Audience Pricing is Simple and Easy to Understand.

Agency Onboarding Package


Per month

Per Client Domain

starting at


Per month

* Must be subscribed via an agency account

Additional Monthly Domain Sessions

Monthly domain sessions over the included amount will be charged based on session credits.
Purchased monthly sessions roll-over until consumed. $2 CPM

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You can start using IDENTYO Audiences immediately to exclude fraud and bot visitors. Scored audiences typically receive enough traffic to be useful in about 2 weeks. Of course, this varies depending on website traffic.

IDENTYO uses the immense amount of data available online to identify the unique patterns of engaged and converting visitors on your site. This data is used to create and continuously train a unique scoring model that identifies the level of potential engagement and likelihood of converting.

IDENTYO automates the process of audience expansion by using the scored audiences from your website as seeds to create expanded audiences.

IDENTYO was built as a Privacy by Design solution, using only anonymized and aggregated data. No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of the user is stored by IDENTYO (including the user’s IP address). All data collected by Identyo is completely anonymous and cannot be traced back to a specific user.

IDENTYO is not classified as a “Business” or “Service provider” under CCPA but a “Third Party”. A “third party” is anyone who is neither a “business” nor receives personal information from a business for the business’s purposes. Identyo does not receive or process any “personal information” from any business. It is, therefore, a unique type of third party, who does not at all process “personal information” per the CCPA.

Furthermore, the CCPA does not apply to ‘aggregated’ information as defined in the CCPA. Aggregate consumer information under the CCPA is information that relates to a group or category of consumers, from which individual consumer identities have been removed, that is not linked or reasonably linkable to any consumer or household, including via a device. Organizations are thus free to collect, use, retain, sell and disclose aggregate consumer information.

The IDENTYO tag may be deployed through Google Tag Manager or directly on a customers site and may easily be integrated with any existing privacy management solution your site may use.

Agency use only. Clients cannot purchase IDENTYO direct.