How to Combat The Rising Ad Costs of Facebook & Google

IDENTYO works exclusively with digital Agencies to help those Agencies lower the cost of their Client’s campaigns. We have distilled a very complex data driven approach into a simplified outcome based platform. Our main goal is to massively lower your cost for clicks, leads and customer acquisition and to do it quickly. 

We love it every time we see our solution win for our clients.

The reason we’ve chosen to work exclusively through Agencies is because we’ve found it’s the fastest way to implement IDENTYO through the complex maze of connecting dots within data driven campaigns. Agencies already have the integrations and benchmarking with a Client’s campaign. Most importantly, Agencies already have the trust of their clients. Once an Agency is onboarded to the IDENTYO platform an Agency can begin to enable a client in under one minute.

One of our Agency Clients provided the following case study.

 (Screenshot of Campaign A/B)

ABC Co, a large mortgage loan company is always looking for an advantage over the competition. They needed to reduce their cost-per-acquisition and increase their volume of high-quality leads in the Home Refinance category. Their internal digital marketing team is highly skilled at paid search campaigns, however, felt they were “hitting the ceiling” with their current digital efforts. They were spending a little over $50k per month through Google Ads which made them curious about our claims of lowering ad cost. Plus, they have a very skeptical CEO who wants to see results immediately or she will pause the campaigns and move on to other ideas. In addition, during our discovery call we asked how much ad budget was being spent on robots. They did not have an answer but knew the problem existed.


Increase conversions while maintaining the same ad spend; skeptical CEO needs to see immediate results;


IDENTYO began working on May 21st and by June 4th, our technology was surpassing the existing campaigns. Within 3 weeks our complete solution produced these results:

  • Cost Per Click was reduced by 32%
  • Cost Per Conversion/To-Loan was reduced by 44%
  • Conversion Rate Net Profit increased by 8% 
  • Discovered 36% of their ad budget was retargeting to robot traffic and cut it out.


This efficiency and increase in lead conversions resulted in the client generating more leads with an increase in quality of the leads. Within 3 weeks, IDENTYO segmented the high-value people, tracked their behavior and delivered the right ad message at the right time. The CEO was impressed. IDENTYO audiences brought in 12 new loans at a historical lowest cost and equaled an extra $52,600 after only 3 weeks of implementing the solution.