How to Combat The Rising Ad Costs of Facebook & Google

IDENTYO works exclusively with digital Agencies to help those Agencies lower the cost of their Client’s campaigns. We have distilled a very complex data driven approach into a simplified outcome based platform. Our main goal is to massively lower your cost for clicks, leads and customer acquisition and to do it quickly.  We love it […]

Behave-a-Like Audiences

Real-time behavior beats demographic targeting almost every time and will add significantly to your bottom line fast. Based on the way we’ve seen the Facebook and Google Look-alike algorithm work,  Look-alike Audiences really should be called Behave-alike Audiences because behavior and time have become the dominant factors in determining who’s in the market for any […]

Super Charge Your Custom Audiences For Hyper Responsive Expansion

Is it safe to say that every business spending money on advertising inside Facebook and Google Ads would like to experience the most affordable and best way to find everyone in the world who is looking for their product or service? We think so. We also think those same advertisers would also like to significantly […]